In October 2006, I visited two Illinois casinos and one Indiana casino. I’m not a high-roller. So when I feel the vibrations, I watch. People can win a lot of money. I consult with clients and look at the days ahead. Lucky for them, I also warn them to slow down. When gambling. I am always able to spot machine-winning patterns and provide feedback to my clients.
They can use this information to compare their personal experiences Gambling.

My rule is to always walk down the central aisle clockwise. I can see all rows of slot machines. This is because I am the one who walks the central aisle. The most floor traffic. It is recommended that you use this strategy in many online casino marketing journals. The easiest way to see which slot machines are most likely to generate the highest wins is from the The main aisle so that others can see the win. This encourages people to use the machines in the same place.

The state gambling association might disagree. In most states, casinos must adhere to stringent inspections. For example, each dollar amount of slot machine must be published by casinos. Unfortunately, this means that not all devices on the floor have the same payout percentage.

When I was observing the slot machines during this month, I noticed a pattern. When I saw four different slot machines at once, the first one was my favorite. Machine and the fourth machine would be the jackpot*. When I saw an odd number of machines in a row, For example, if you have three consecutive wins, the machine in the center would win*.

A player with 30 credits or more and the highest bet would win the jackpot, The number of lines. (For example, if a quarter Slot machines have a maximum of 9 lines. They can bet on all nine lines, multiplied by 25 cents per line)

This was something I noticed on October 4, 7, 11, 19, and 29. On October 29, I observed an unusual winning pattern in an Elgin casino, Illinois.

For 4 hours, I watched nine rows of slot machines along the back wall. These machines were quarter-slot machines. The fourth slot machine won the jackpot five times an hour. The machine to the fifth offered two minor jackpots an hour. The ninth machine (one at the end) had one. The closest one to the central aisle would be $300.00 an hour.

This machine had four players who each won the same amount. In four hours, the payouts on slot machines 1,2,3,6,7 and 8 were zero. It is a good idea not to play any slot machine before you see the winning patterns. It is a good idea to watch the ways for at least 2 hours before you start to gamble.

It is possible to spot a winning pattern, and even the times it occurs. If you notice that the machines do not produce any winnings over two hours, you should look elsewhere. But, unfortunately, you might also lose your money.

Also, I’d like to share my personal play strategies for two different slot machines:

American Original

You should only play four lines at once and play slowly. You will spend less. It will take you 30-40 minutes to play, but it is better to get to the bonus games that pay more with this machine. This game can be entered into a bonus round by playing only four lines. It is clear that there is no incentive to play more than 25 lines. The bonus game can be triggered by you not having to play all lines. You can win up to 100 bonus games by winning the bonus game. It is worth considering using the multiplier function to get more money than you can online bet.

S&H Green Stamps

You will soon realize how guaranteed you are to win a bonus game. This slot game is programmed. Every play offers you the chance to collect stamps. Once you have 1000 green stamps. This takes me, on average, 25 minutes
Get to the bonus round. My strategy involves betting 25 lines multiplied 1X per play. I will continue this until I reach 800 stamps. Then I back up and play anywhere between 10-15 lines times 1X per line. This allows you to:

  • You will have the chance to save money when you get closer to playing for the bonus round. Don’t stay on!
  • This machine is for you if it’s not possible to wait to collect stamps. Bonus round.
  • I tried multiplier lines in this game, but it did not work.
  • This is a great incentive. In addition, you can multiply automatically with the bonus round.
  • Your winnings, so I didn’t see the need for extra money playing line multipliers.

Joanna Ammons, a media-tested psychic and metaphysical researcher, is certified. She has been asked many times to give insight into gambling and lucky numbers over the years she has been consulting clients over the years. To help others see the world around them and not blindly bet, she has adopted a realistic approach. She doesn’t advocate excessive gambling, and she enjoys sharing her strategies with those who have small bankrolls.