When it comes to gambling, I generally prefer games that are easy to understand and their pay table rules and payout condition are not very complex. Well, that is one of the main reason that I love to gamble on live sports rather than the slots and poker machines. This doesn’t mean that I don’t play slots at all. Actually I play them with my friend who adores them very much.

But, when I am with them I prefer going for the fruit machines as they are pretty easy to understand and the player don’t have to put all the attention to the interface of the game and additionally he can enjoy the surrounding of the land based casinos as well.

And when it comes to gamble online, then there I also prefer the fruit machines over the other poker machines and my personal favorite game is the pub fruity. And when coming to the specs of the game then let me introduce that it is a classic 3 reel, single pay line fruit machine. And here the player can only bet a single coin on each spin, but apart from this he also get the chance to choose between several coin denominations ranging from dollar 0.10 to dollar 10 with the real money version.

So, whenever I hand out with my friend that love online slots, I play this fruit machine with them and this I spared myself from being the odd one and additionally I make some real money out of this slot machine as well.

Space Invaders Evolution Slot Machine

This is a review that I was super excited to write. However, I have had to wait forever for the game to become available. Today, however, I got to try the new skill-based slot from WMS. It’s based on the classic arcade game Space Invaders.

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, were not a gamer, or have little knowledge of popular culture, chances are that you have played arcade games like Pac-man and Space invaders. These cult classics have been a part of many childhood and adult hours. They are often free to download, and many old-school gamers will keep a few titles on their web browser in case they need them.

WMS selected a classic to use as their first experience in a skill-based slot gaming environment. This ensured that all players would be comfortable with the layout and gameplay. It was challenging to get approval for skill-based slots. Developing a game engine that allows players to gamble rather than have fun was even more difficult. We now have a partially completed game that you can play to see WMS’s approach to what many consider the next great revolution in slot gaming. This includes both online and casino slots.

The Legend

Video gaming changed forever in February 1978 when Toshihiro Nishikado created his spaceship shoot-em-up game. The original idea was to have soldiers attack, but Japan’s political problems at the time made this a non-issue, and the theme was changed to an alien invasion.

The first Space Invaders-coin-operated casino cabinet was launched by the Taito videogame company months later. It was so popular in Japan that there was a shortage of 100-Yen coins to play it. Production had to be increased by four times. Arcades needed multiple Space Invader machines to stop people from getting in line. The game quickly became as popular as cigarette machines in bars, hotels, and dry cleaners.

The 1980 Midway license for the US game was a huge success. In the same year, Atari 2600 made it a game. Thousands of Atari 2600 consoles were sold because people wanted to try this new game at home. The game could have been better. It caused “repetitive movement injuries” and alerted people to the danger of seizure. Many wanted it to be banned.

In the initial production run of arcade games, over half a million machines were sold worldwide. Billions of dollars were also pumped into the machine making it one of the most successful and profitable games ever made. It has been licensed to other platforms, including mobile phones. Generation after generation has enjoyed this fantastic game.

The Slot

The 6×4 any-way win base game round may not be released. It still needs to be finished. Right now, it’s a vehicle to trigger a bonus skill round, which is the game’s big draw. You can still find the symbols, including all four types of A-10 space invader symbols and a wild symbol in the Space invader logo. While searching for the key icon (a visual rendering of the old arcade cabinet), which triggers the scatter for free spins, the symbols will likely remain.

A skill-based game will always offer more game variation than any other game. You can also play in standard slot mode or bonus mode. How many bonus games you play will depend on how many scatters you get. How many free spins are available? You only have one chance at winning, so don’t lose heart.

The bonus round allows you to play classic space invaders slots for real cash credits. Each of the three alien craft receives a credit value, while the alien mothership pays an instant payout of a local progressive jackpot. You will have a limited number of chances to win. Also, the scatters you engage on the reels will limit your chances of winning.