When it comes to gambling, I generally prefer games that are easy to understand and their pay table rules and payout condition are not very complex. Well, that is one of the main reason that I love to gamble on live sports rather than the slots and poker machines. This doesn’t mean that I don’t play slots at all. Actually I play them with my friend who adores them very much.

But, when I am with them I prefer going for the fruit machines as they are pretty easy to understand and the player don’t have to put all the attention to the interface of the game and additionally he can enjoy the surrounding of the land based casinos as well.

And when it comes to gamble online, then there I also prefer the fruit machines over the other poker machines and my personal favorite game is the pub fruity. And when coming to the specs of the game then let me introduce that it is a classic 3 reel, single pay line fruit machine. And here the player can only bet a single coin on each spin, but apart from this he also get the chance to choose between several coin denominations ranging from dollar 0.10 to dollar 10 with the real money version.

So, whenever I hand out with my friend that love online slots, I play this fruit machine with them and this I spared myself from being the odd one and additionally I make some real money out of this slot machine as well.