Well, you all must have heard this very song popular song by lady gaga called the poker face. Well I still remember when the song first hit the billboard and it get million in just few days. It’s quite humorous that the song also increased the no of people who are now willing to play the pokergame and now they were excited to know about the game and play it as well.

I am quite happy say that I was one of these guy, who suddenly became interested in the game of poker, so I called one of my Australian friend to pay me a visit and pretty soon he was at my home. When he came, very first we shared the drinks and then talked about the Australian pokies. And pretty soon we decided to select the poker machine that we would like to play.

In order to do so, we went online on the web and looked on to some casino forums where the players would have subscribed some casino slots that we could enjoy and earn some real money as well. But before downloading the pokie we also read its reviews and checked its ratings as well. My friend said that it better to make of habit of doing so.

Ultimately, we made the free download of the poker machine, with which we also got the free spins, no deposit bonus, welcome bonus and all. These were the additional features of the online poker machine that they offer to the new players so that they could take the free trial and enjoy the slots for the first time. When it comes to me u had played this for the first time and it was a wonderful experience and I would really like to play it again.