Introducing It

Lost Vegas SlotsLost Vegas Slots game has helped the scary/horror movie industry retain its place in the entertainment hall of fame. The zombie infestation theme was massively popularised by such films as Hammer Horror, Walking Dead, and World War Z.

Microgaming returned game thrills and excitement with such great games as Bar Bar Black Sheep which was different from the normal themes of slots games. They have now come up with Lost Vegas Slots with a horror theme and it’s time to wonder what they have up their sleeves now.

 The Lost Vegas’ Theme

This phenomenal game has a theme that is set against the background of the many casinos housed at Las Vegas gaming strips with their halls with dim lights and its rainy streets.

How To Play

To play this game, the first step is to choose your preferred side. The side of the zombies is under the leadership of someone impersonating Elvis. There is also Nurse and Showgirl, so, the many resorts’ staff suffer the outbreak’s consequences.

The other group comprises of a casual player holding a mimic golf club, a fierce high roller wearing a suit, and Ahem that looks like a dutiful girl. At a point, you will meet the zombie team’s couple with their fine dress, and the elderly tourist. The number of survivors includes a waitress and a guard.


The Lost Vegas game is designed on the 243 Ways to Win template. This means that you can win no matter the position that the symbols stack up, provided they appear on the columns adjacent to the reel one and running from left to right.

In simpler terms, let’s say you are betting $9 a spin, then you see 5 zombie nurses that are half-dead occupy each reel of the 5. Your winning will be the sum of $45 no matter where they show up on the 5 reels. If for instance, you land 4 on reel 1, reel 2, reel 3, and reel 4; your payout will be $12.

If you are not finding this easy to grasp, then try to get your hands on the Lost Vegas game slot, stake an amount, and hit the slider button indicating PAYS. It is by your right side on the game console. The easy-to-read game chart also shows the whole pay-table.

The Scatter Symbols

Your Free Spins game is launched when you see 3 Scatters or more appear anywhere on the reels. There’s also a benefit from the Scatter prize. 3 will double your staked amount, 4 will pay 10x of it, while 5 pays you 50x!

Playing on Zombie Mode

Can you really handle the nerve-racking thrills of this feature? The zombie mode gives you Free Spins when you use the Infection feature. The other reels will be infected by full stacks of deadly zombies. The possibility of your landing combinations that will help you win is increased when the infected reels transform single wilds to stacked wilds.

Your free games will be available until all the reels have become infected (this will give you about 50 Free Spins). If you successfully hit the 50 Free Spins, you will be rewarded with a bonus prize. Isn’t the zombie mode fun?

Playing On Survivor Mode

When you play on the Survivor Mode, the Stash feature will give you Free Spins. The playing card symbols include letter A, letter K, letter Q, letter J, and number 10. Any of them that land is deleted from your reels. Whenever this happens, you earn extra bloody cash. Scared? It is bloody in the sense that you are playing with blood-loving, brain-eating zombies!

Your winning can occur again if you are able to come with more winning combinations after the stashing of the symbols. Until all the royal cards are stashed, the free spins will remain available. These are the amazing intrigues of playing Lost Vegas on Survivor Mode.

The Blackout Bonus

Sounds funny right? Well, this random feature guarantees payout for all high symbols. The major catch in this is that the Free Spins mode can be activated by just one Scatter symbol.

The Zombie Fist Of Cash

This is another amazing random feature. It can show up when you are playing on any of the modes. Just as you are getting turned off with all the spinning, a cash-clutching zombie fist turns up. Guess what? All that cash is yours!

How To Choose A Side

Lost Vegas slot allows you to decide whether to be a good guy or join the bad guys. You can play on the Survivor’s side or on the side of the hideous, bloody zombies. On the base game, players have the freedom of switching between both sides, this is however impossible with the bonus version. The base game has additional features that are similar for both sides while the bonus games have different features for the different sides.

Additional Winning Features

On the base game, there are two additional, randomly activated features for any round without a win. Whenever the Blackout Bonus strikes, a random winning of cash is paid when the high symbols are highlighted on the shown reels. The Free Spins mode is activated the moment even only one Scatter appears during Blackout Bonus play.

The logo of the Zombie Fist of Cash represents the Wild Symbol. It aids in the completion of any winning line. This Wild Symbol can represent any other game icon except the Biohazard sign.

Final Words

Lost Vegas slot game is adaptable to various devices including desktop computers, laptops, Tablets, and mobile phones. Players can also play on the dual player mode. Your chances of winning are highly increased by the many features provided. All the excitement of this game can’t be unexpected though, isn’t Las Vegas the fun capital of the world anymore?