Online casinos can be quite entertaining. Many people are confident they can beat the system and attempt to play at the top online casinos. They will try as hard as they can, but eventually, they are caught and banned for the rest of their lives.

If we go back to brick-and-mortar casinos, you will find some people who beat them for a brief time. This is what gives them a place in casino history. Las Vegas and the MIT Card counting team were responsible for one such legend.

This story is amazing because beating the odds in any casino game, such as Casinos, requires a lot of patience and specialized training. The MIT team was a group made up of university students who were ambitious and extremely intelligent. For example, the team could count cards because of their high IQs in science and math.

These university students enjoyed playing poker and other casino games in the 1980’s. So they decided that it was time to test their intelligence by trying to beat a casino. A former professor at MIT decided to put many students to the test. After carefully eliminating the weaker players, he formed a group that could count cards. The professor then taught them how to use verbal and nonverbal cues to win at the casino.

The 1990’s were when the team performed at its peak. The team would wager tens to thousands of dollars per hand, and the casinos loved big spenders. Unfortunately, these casinos were not privy to the truth. While there is no official record of their winnings some believe the team raked in millions of dollars. They would do their card counting on weekends, return to school Monday mornings and act as average students.

It wasn’t the casino that was catching up to the MIT team. It was their egos and greed that eventually led to their downfall. They lost their money, VIP status, and free travel – which is understandable given the group of children. The pattern of friends was one of the first things casino security noticed. After that, casino security began to notice the team being more active than expected.

The team was ultimately expelled from the casinos.

In “21”, you can see the fast-paced action of their adventures. The movie stars Kevin Spacey as the professor, and Kate Bosworth is the famous MIT card-counting team member. However, it didn’t end there for the real team. Although they tried to hide their identities to get back at the tables, casino security proved too smart. Rumors have it that some team members may still be playing at European online casinos today. Maybe they have learned from their mistakes this time and are now making big money.

Is it any wonder that no one was sent to jail? It is amazing that they weren’t doing anything illegal. It is nearly impossible to prove card counting in your head. Unless the CIA develops mind-reading technology and sells it off to casinos, card counting is likely to go unnoticed for all eternity.

4 Fantastic Fish Slot Review

Take an underwater adventure when you play the 4 Fantastic Fish slot online. You can boost your probabilities of winning with wilds, paying fish, respins bonuses, the Giant Squid bonus, a Buy feature, and more. This highly volatile game has a 96.00% return to player (RTP) with 4,096 winning ways.

Play the 4 Fantastic Fish Slots for Free!

Take a trip to the seashore

4theplayer’s 4 Fantastic Fish slot is a great place to start. The six-reel game takes place under the sea. The sun’s rays will be seen from above, and you’ll also see algae and other sea life at the bottom.

, The symbols that pay the lowest in the 4 Fantastic Fish slots machine are A, K, Q, 10, and so on. The highest-paying symbol is the fisherman. The following symbols are the crab, seagull, fishing reel, and fishing box.

Select Your Bet

Set your stake between 0.10 and 80.00 to start fishing for winnings on the 4 Fantastic Fish slot machine. The 6×4 grid has 4,096 winning ways.

The following table shows the multipliers of the four symbols on the Fantastic Fish slot machine.

The RTP of the 4 Fantastic Fish slot is 96.00%.

Catch Fish and Win Big

Wilds are the first feature in the 4 Fantastic Fish slot. The wild symbol can enhance or complete winning mixtures by substituting for other symbols, except the scatter.

Then comes the fish symbol. If you land three or more fish symbols on the same reels, you will be rewarded between 0.1x to 50x your bet. The price depends on which spin the fish lands on. You can win 100, 500, 2,000, or 10,000 times your chance if you find the Mega, Ultra, Super, or Big Fish.

There’s also the respin bonus on 4 Fantastic Fish. This bonus is activated when three or more scatters of respin appear on the reels. The game starts with three respins. These reset every time a fish symbol appears on the reels. Watch out for the Shark, as it will eat the full reels of symbols and combine them to multiply the prize by 2. The respins bonus will end when all positions have been filled, or the spin counter reaches 0.

The Buy Feature Button, represented by a lifesaver at the bottom left of the screen, will allow you to access the respins bonus. You can adjust the stake you wish to use and confirm the purchase of 75x the stake to enter the respins bonus on your next spin.

The Giant Squid Bonus can be triggered with any spin. This feature, active in the base game only, moves the fish symbol around to increase or create a winning combination. In the Respins bonus, it locks and moves fish symbols to open reels to increase your winnings.

Catch more fish to win!

If you like this game, try Great Blue Slot by Playtech or Hungry Shark Slot by Wazdan.

Grab a fishing rod and spin. The 4 Fantastic Fish slot is a game that we enjoyed playing and can recommend to others. The slot features a high RTP of 96.00% and 4,096 winning ways. The Giant Squid Bonus and wilds will help you to catch more fish.

What are you still waiting for? Play the 4 Fantastic Fish online slot today!