Online gambling games can use many words, which can make it difficult for new members to understand. You might think it is an alien language. Most new players know the word ‘bet’. To be on par with your competition, you need to know many other words.

Many players don’t know the meanings of online casino words. Therefore, you should not make the mistake of asking other players about it. This will allow others to profit from the situation and take your money.

Many jargons are used in online gambling and online casino games that can confuse. Before you start playing a game, it is important to understand the jargons to avoid confusions. You will hear the following words a lot: action, wad and aggregate limit.

When a player bets on cash, the term action is used. This term can be used to activate cash or place cash in the game through betting. The aggregate limit is the sum of all the casino’s pay-outs in a given game. Aggregate wins are either the amount you have lost to the casinos or the sum of all your casino winnings.

The total amount wagered at online casinos is called a wad or a bankroll. The bankroll is large support because it can place bets at online casinos. However, because most online gambling sites have betting limits, you won’t be allowed to place large amounts in one bet.

Avoid answering any player who asks you whether you are active in the game. You are considered an active participant when you play a game. You should immediately act as the dealer or banker in a game to make the deal.

Online casino players are not allowed to play if they have been banned. These are some of the most important things you need to know to stay competitive.

Relic Raiders

Relic Raiders, a Net Entertainment (NetEnt), video slot, makes old look so good. It takes players on an Indiana Jones-like hunt for treasure. The symbols and graphics are straight from an old-world cave, keeping players excited. The video slot has 50 win lines, five reels, and four rows and features wild symbols, wild jokers, and free spins. Relic Raiders is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.Net Entertainment Touch games optimize the graphical user interface and offer many other innovative features that make them stand out.


Relic Raiders is a game where you can grab your fedora, whip, and hunt treasure! You can spin to win and be visually stimulated by treasure chests of brightly colored jewels, crypt-keepers, or scary snakes. To make every spin as exciting as possible, you decide which combination of betting lines to use and what coin values to use. This exciting game lets you match your way to the top in the treasure-hunting realm! The game is a traditional slot with an imaginative twist. You will find a variety of treasure symbols, jokers, wild symbols, and jewels in this game. The music perfectly fits the theme and is well-written. This video slot has a lot of fun symbols and smooth gameplay.


You can adjust the number of win lines in the Relic Raiders slot from 1 to 50. You have the option to change your bet level from 1 to 4. Autoplay allows you to play multiple rounds at once. You can stop the reels from spinning by clicking this button once more. Relic Raiders’ video slot allows players to win the most on any win line. All wins on multiple win lines are added together. Each winning combination must begin at the left and continue to the right. The pay table provides a summary of all winning combinations as well as their payouts. Clicking “Paytable” at the lower left of the screen will give you an overview of all lines.


Relic Raiders has an exciting bonus game. The bonus game is activated when you get at least three bonus symbols from left to right on a winning line. The bonus game allows players to choose from four locations to search for treasure. Players must find treasure by smashing urns at each site. The bonus game ends when a player discovers a spider within a pot. Players will be notified of their mystery prize after they have found four relics. A bonus mystery game will be launched after four relics have been found. To win a prize, players must choose from four golden statues.

There are limits

Relic Raiders allows players to place bets on up to 50 winning lines. The bet level is the number of coins that you will apply to each win line. Players can choose from four bet levels in addition to 50 win lines. Relic Raiders offers six different coin values you can place a bet with. Relic Raiders’ coins values include 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, and 50 cents.