Argyle Open Casino GameArgyle, a Scottish location that is famous for its golf courses, is known. The theme of the area is used to create a slot machine game that focuses on golf. Wayne Philips and Mark Winston are the golfers in this game. Kevin Andrews is also a part of it. They are the most prominent symbols of the game, engaging in golfing activities.

This game has four sections of symbols on each real and it’s also a 40 pay line slot game. More so, the players can place wagers on as many as ten coins per pay line. In fact, these provide better flexibility when it comes to betting. Nevertheless, the maximum betting level is limited by the selections available with the coin size. To specific, the coins can be used in amounts that average at 0.01, 0.03 and 0.06 as well. As a result, the maximum line bet is 0.50 and total bet spin averages at 20.

Argyle Open Casino GameThe ball symbol can be used to activate the bonus section when any of the unique characters appear on any section of the reels. The bonus round is known as the Tournament Bonus and it used to complete the hole well over three gaming stages. The additional round is activated for the first time the player is presented on Stage 1, which is also referred to as the tee off stage.

Your bonus amount will be affected by the distance you tee off. This amount can be controlled and randomly assigned. The first stage is completed. Players are then taken to the main menu. After activating the bonus round, they can move on to stage 2.

Furthermore, in the second stage, the range the ball is hit down the fairway will attract a large bonus payout. The third stage introduces players to a green golfing platform and hitting the ball closer to the hole will attract more free spins.

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This article provides detailed information on the free spins bonus, including what it entails. Please continue reading to learn about the various spin bonuses offered by Indian online casinos and their features.

  • Standard Free Spins
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  • Wager-Free Spins
  • Get Free Spins on Deposit
  • Get money-free spins
  • Real Money Spins

Brace yourselves, all you fans of golf and casino gaming alike! The scenic beauty of Argyle, a Scottish town famed for its golf courses, is now the backdrop for an intriguing slot machine game. The game’s main symbols are Wayne Philips, Mark Winston, and Kevin Andrews – renowned golfers who need no introduction.

Picture this. Four segments of symbols on each reel make up a fascinating 40-pay line slot game. That’s not all. Bet up to ten coins per pay line if you wish. What an exciting ride of betting flexibility! Yet, there’s a cap on the maximum betting level based on the coin size available. Here’s a quick breakdown: You can use coins valued at 0.01, 0.03, or 0.06, meaning a maximum line bet of 0.50 and a total spin bet averaging 20.

See that ball symbol? That’s your key to the bonus round – the ‘Tournament Bonus.’ This gets activated whenever our unique golf characters pop up on the reels. This bonus round mirrors an actual golf game, spanning three stages. Stage 1, also known as the ‘tee off’ stage, is where it all begins. The bonus amount here depends on how far you tee off, adding an element of randomness and thrill.

Post-completion of the first stage, you’re redirected to the main menu. Ready to hit the bonus round? Let’s move to Stage 2.

Stage 2 is all about distance. The further the ball travels down the fairway, the larger the bonus payout you receive. The anticipation escalates as you enter the third stage, where the green golfing platform awaits. Here’s the challenge: Hit the ball as close to the hole as possible. The closer you are, the more free spins you earn. Sound exciting? We bet it does!

Now, let’s discuss online casinos and their generous offering of free spins. Look at any Indian online casino, and you’re bound to find free spins offered. The competition between these casinos is fierce, each trying to woo players with enticing bonuses and promotions. But don’t be swayed by just the number of free spins. Always read the terms and requirements before claiming the prize. There’s more to casino bonuses than what meets the eye.

Also, consider factors such as the slot games on offer, the payment options provided, and the security measures in place. Ensuring that the online casino you choose is licensed and regulated by a respected gambling authority is crucial. Now go, enjoy your golfing casino adventure. Happy gaming!

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